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Marcelo Barreto

From: United States

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"My name is Marcelo Javier Barreto. I was born in Argentina in Chaco’s provincial capital, Resistencia. Since I was a child, I have always been involved with something related to arts, always curious to learn and discover something new. In college, I studied the Tourism Planning program. After finishing, I realized that wasn’t my thing so I decided to move to the second largest city in Argentina, Córdoba. There I met people who introduced me to window display design and that was my work for about 6 years before I moved to Canada in 2006. When I moved to Canada I started designing and making wicker floor lamps for sale and doing freelance design for stores and residential spaces.

One morning, the neighbors were moving and they threw two blank canvases into the trash; I took them to try something and one of my best friends, Maria Lezon, who is an established artist in Ottawa gave me brushes for my birthday. Since then, I haven’t stop painting and finally I found what I was looking for to express my self. I lived for three years in Ottawa before I moved to DC in December 2008.

In Washington I started taking painting classes to improve my skills (Washington Studio School, The Torpedo Factory and the Corcoran). In two years, I developed a series of twelve paintings that I believe are the first step to a career in art. Throughout the series, I moved from figurative to cubism which I feel is the technique that I will keep using in my next series works. When I started painting the main thought was, what to paint? I found the woman, as subject matter, the best way to express many possibilities.

I want to be able to catch the qualities, the values, the essence, the beauty and the circumstances that women have to pass throughout history. In this series, I wanted to tell a story representing the woman as The Queen, at different and surreal situations."

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