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Nancy Teague

From: United States

Joined: March 13, 2009

Web: http://www.nancyteaguestudio.com



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I grew up in a small town in western Nebraska which gave opportunities for numerous creative activities and outdoor adventures. Art was part of my life from early childhood and my parents encouraged that bent.

When I began to get serious about doing art back in the early 1970's I found this strong attraction to light on objects. It is amazing how the power of light on objects can cause the everyday, the flawed, or the time-worn to reflect new life or significance. In some ways I feel like an explorer and a recorder of impacting moments of light.

Some of my objects elicit fond and sentimental memories for me, as they may for the viewer. But, for me, there are also the treasures of finding colors that bounce from one place to another and bold or subtle reflections and refractions. Some one once said, "Stand still and look until you really see." I hope the viewers will do just that with my work, discovering and enjoying, and then carry this "looking" into their days. Often we are in a hurry and miss the impacting details of life, whether it is everyday, flawed, or time-worn.

Nancy Teague's artwork

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Lemon Solo
Bug in the Grass
Bushel of Loft Light
"Earth Marble 1"
Earth Marble 2
Maple Leaf, Red 2
Maple Leaf, Red 1
Window Light Geranium
Lime Solo
Blimey Limeys
Crock Apples
Graniteware Apples

Comments on this portofolio

Patricia Young on Nov 06, 2009 12:38am :

I really love your paintings, and the simple but elegant way you present the subject matter. You really have a way of capturing the light on the objects. It's very inspiring to see all the artwork on this website. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your thoughts about your creative process.

Doranne Alden on Sep 22, 2009 10:56am :

Beautiful work - love your technique and your eye for composition