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Svetlin Nenov

From: Bulgaria

Joined: March 12, 2009

Web: www.svetlinartgallery.com



Carl Nelson


Some artists obey Nature, rushing to portray everything surrounding them, others search for a way to give expression to that which is in themselves. "That" is difficult to be put into either words or into any traditional composition of objects. Therefore the canvases are near to the artist's own sensibilities and are an attempt to explore his innermost world and interests.
That artist listens closely to his own interior monologue. That artist does not belong to any of the trends of thought currently prevalent in the art world of Varna. That artist is Svetlin Nenov. In the galleries his work is bright, vivid, outstanding against the paintings of his contemporaries. His paintings have preserved the spontaneousness of a drawing. They attract with the sensation of something truly surprising.
Something has just happened in them and it is unexpected; a newly detonated explosion which has made the light to mould into the space of a mystic reality where allegories roam easily. The store of ight in these canvases is accustomed to quickly. Whether portraying a calm emission or an outburst, the artist creates an extraordinary field of tension between ourselves and his work.
The reality of his art brings its own logic which contains dramatic situations in which something comes into being and is a discovery to even the creator himself. And vice versa: he is the bearer of the surprising and inspires us with both the awe of its arise and the curiosity about its plastic pre

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