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Liz Rogers

From: United States

Joined: August 24, 2009

Web: www.lizrogerswatercolors.com



Doranne Alden


Transparent watercolor is the medium in which I have chosen to work for the creation of my still lifes and florals. Glass has often been my subject matter, I have felt the transparent quality of the glass seemed believable in this medium. Delicate petals of flowers appear transparent as in real life when the white of the paper and warm under glazes glow through deeper warm or cool colors. This medium does not allow much room for error and the rendering of clear glass objects has been very challenging. This challenge kept me coming back for more and a finished painting that met my expectations has been my reward.

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Just Like New
Italian Kitchen
Shades of Beauty
Jukebox I
Clearly Glass
Threes a Crowd
Three Baskets

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Doranne Alden on Nov 06, 2009 1:37pm :

Fantastic work - a pleasure to discover your gallery