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Margaret Zox Brown

From: United States

Joined: July 10, 2009

Web: http://www.margaretzoxbrown.com



Carl NelsonVan Renselar


Loose black and white sketches are the bases for all my paintings. I copy them onto each canvas that I have already given a wash of colors from my entire palette. These drawings combined with my initial spectrum of color then become a template from which the painting will emerge.

With the essence of the paint itself, the journey of my paintings has passed from representational to pure abstraction and arriving now somewhere in the middle. And, what I have ultimately created is quite simply the emotion behind whatever it is I am expressing.

While color is my true subject, ultimately, I try to choreograph a harmonious, graceful dance between all elements; color, emotion, line and shape, paint application, light and depth, subject and mood.

Margaret Zox Brown's artwork

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Studio Stool
Peaches, Pieces, Plate
Only One
Work Boots
Spooning Berries

Comments on this portofolio

Olga Naletova on Aug 08, 2009 1:28pm :

I very like your gallery. Your works are very beautiful with wonderful colors!

Carl Nelson on Aug 03, 2009 6:27pm :

Very fond of your use of color.

Doranne Alden on Jul 14, 2009 3:48am :

Wonderful work.