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Mike Roos

From: Norway

Joined: June 18, 2009

Web: http://www.mikeroos.net/



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Mike Roos was born in Izmir on 21. of December 1945. In 1949 his family immigrated to Israel and lived for some years in Tel Aviv. Mike Roos grew up here and in 1962 he studied at Aveny Art Institute. Later he worked as a sign painter, graphical lay outer and as a set designer. He met his Norwegian wife in Oslo in 1968, and together they have one son. In 1973 they moved to Los Angeles. He was a member of the California art club. Mike exhibited and sold paintings in Israel, USA , England, Denmark, Spain and Norway. In the eighties Mike worked as a set designer on films such as Rambo III and Dead Before Dishonour, as well as on theatre and musical productions. Today Mike is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Norway. He has been comisioned for restoration of paintings, sculptures and antique furniture in a company called Fretex.

Throughout his career Mike has been experimenting with various styles of painting as well as with photography and film. In 1994 he developed a new style of painting and called it nuvorealismo.
Mike's paintings are available for the purpose of printing posters, postcards, calendars, t-shirts, etc. It is also possible to make lithography prints from the paintings.

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Comments on this portofolio

Carl Nelson on Dec 30, 2012 10:31am :

Ah! There it is. I like it.

Mike Roos on Dec 01, 2012 1:50pm :

CORL NELSON. עם היתה כתוב ברור את כוונתך היתי מתיחס אליך ברצינות.

Carl Nelson on Jun 11, 2012 11:26am :

Your nuvorealisimo is missingo!