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Federico Galetto

From: Italy

Joined: May 02, 2009

Web: www.federicogaletto.com



Van Renselar


The repetitive use of a picture which is reproduced in many different ways eliminates the difficulty of remembering it. Profiles, eyes, details, colourful icons painted on backgrounds and added fabrics, tell the brevity of life and the contradictions of actuality.

Galetto (a renewed Proust?) wonders what the relationship between art and technology is. He thinks the only way to make the cohabitation of these two expressive forms possible is the feeling, which is the primary “connection” the individual possesses.

Canvas apparently quick to terminate are freeze frames of life moments. His work is like a spell that pleasantly traps us in a group of stiles and special effects: dripping, collage, pop iconography, colour painting, an almost photographic technique, pasted fabrics..

Text written by Elena Privitera www.epa.it

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