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Terri Meyers

From: United States

Joined: March 04, 2009

Web: terrimeyers.com



Carl NelsonLeslie Frank Hollander


I'm a painter working mostly in oils on canvas. Except for a few classes here and there I'm pretty much self taught. I usually paint florals or still life.

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White Tulips Blue Vase
Lily with Striped Tulips
Three Pink Roses
Macro Cream Rose
White Lilies
Red Tulips

Comments on this portofolio

Leslie Frank Hollander on Feb 13, 2012 7:29pm :

Dear Terri! I love your style and technique! Your work is so nice! I love the way you handle colors and reflections. Such a joy to see!

Carl Nelson on Mar 07, 2010 1:18pm :

Your flowers really pull a person into their world.