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Tracy Bean

From: United States

Joined: July 26, 2012

Web: www.artla.com/tracybean



Tracy Bean was born in 1980 in Provo Utah. She grew up in Utah Valley and still resides there. She is also a recovering addict/alcoholic with over 4 years of sobriety. Tracy is an aspiring beginning artist, and before the beginning of 2011 had never picked up a paintbrush or canvas. When her son was diagnosed with autism she decided that she needed a way to deal with the stress and decided to find a hobby that would help relax her, yet help her to maintain her sobriety and remain healthy. Her artwork started out as mainly oil on canvas landscapes, but as she has learned more about painting (and herself) she has started to find her own voice and style. She primarily uses oil and acrylics as her medium. Her subjects are most often silhouettes, planetary, or landscape.

To purchase a painting please e-mail me at mommybean012@gmail.com or call at (801)616-9863

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