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Birute Nomeda Stankuniene

From: Lithuania

Joined: March 25, 2012

Web: www.menudirbtuves.lt



Carl Nelson


Good day. I am Birutė Nomeda Aukštuolytė Kisielytė Stankūnienė. I am a painter and designer working and living in Lithuania, Vilnius.

To create- to paint for me means- to think, communicate, solve, discover. To meditate upon what it’s like to be a human, the relationship between me and the others. To create- is to ask other people and try to find the answers yourself; it is an effort to generalize the day-to-day experience.

While creating, I care about the search for authenticity, naturalness, integration and expression of the inner being.

As for now, I work using traditional methods. I paint with oil, acrylic paint, on the canvas, cardboard, paper. I almost always select intensive, pure colours. However, in my works I use them temperately. I try to achieve contrasting and laconic effect. I am keen on painting with pastel. I also spare some time for design objects.

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